Owner: Ezekiel Cooper / Size: Metropolis / Location: Quel / Template: Pax-Forest / Britannian Mining Company Capitol

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Governor: Ezekiel Cooper

Mayor: Xavier Starfall
Treasurer: Jaron Schwartzhaar

Blackrock Cove Total m2 = 83,400

City Ordinances
1: All Shroud of the Avatar players are entitled to residency in Blackrock Cove.
Plot sizes allowed in Blackrock Cove are as follows:
(a.) Keep Lot = 4800m2
(b.) City Lot = 2400m2
(c.) Town Lot = 1200m2
(d.) Village Lot = 600m2
(e.) Row Lot = 150m2

2: All Britannian Mining Company member residents are required to claim residency with a "Tax Free" Lot deed and will be required to produce and prove the same to avoid rental fees in Blackrock Cove.

3: Britannian Mining Company members that leave the guild will relinquish all residency entitlement to Blackrock Cove unless agree to pay a rental fee for their residency.

4: All Britannian Mining Company member residents of Blackrock Cove are required to adhere to prices of Britannian Mining Company sanctioned commodities as set by the BMC General Assembly.

5: MARKET ROAD (Effective 8/27/2016): Britannian Mining Company members "only" are entitled to claim or rent village and row lots on Market Road in Blackrock Cove, provided the following stipulations are met:
(a.) The above ordinances are met.
(b.) Village Lots on Market Road are available "only" to BMC Members with an additional "Tax Free" deed and who have at least one other "Tax Free" claim in Blackrock Cove or that pay a rental fee for placement. The placement order of village lots on Market Road will be determined by three factors,
(1.) When you request placement on Market Road,
(2.) Whether or not you are paying a rental rate to be on Market Road,
(3.) Whether or not you have ever been evicted from Market Road in the past.
(c.) Row Lots on Market Road, that have not been designated as "rental only", are available to all BMC Members with a "Tax Free" deed on a first come, first serve basis.
(d.) At least 1 vendor will be placed and any vendor placed will remain stocked with at least 25 items "daily".
(e.) The Governor, Mayor, and Treasurer of Blackrock Cove must be added as kindred to your claim on Market Road in order to serve any official notices to your home and allowed to sell on your vendor/vendors.
(f.) Fences are permitted around your property on Market Road, however because of obstruction of view, walls are not permitted around any part of your property on Market Road.
(g.) Tenants in dereliction of the minimum items stocked for 14 days or more will be evicted from Market Road unless paying an agreed rental rate.

6: BMC Enterprise Members are authorized to claim any available rental lot, other than on Market Road, in Blackrock Cove with a "Tax-Free" or "Taxable" deed and enjoy Rent-Free residency.

7: All rental residents of Blackrock Cove are authorized to claim lots with any type deed that they choose.
Blackrock Cove City Ordinances and Bylaws may be changed at any time and is the responsibility of the residents to stay informed.